Does Your 3D Printing Machine Need Maintenance?


Your 3D printing machine has delivered your best expectations, from day 1 that you first bought it. Over time it became an indispensable piece of equipment for your production process. Then, one night before leaving your facility to go home, you attempted to start your 3D printer, in the high hopes that your prototype would be there waiting for your arrival the next morning.

Then it dawned on you. There is an error being displayed on your 3D printing machine, and it rendered your equipment completely unusable for that matter. Much like everything else, your 3D printer requires proper maintenance and care. In the absence of those, you can’t expect longevity for your equipment. 

Here are some of the valuable tips that will help optimize the value of your 3D printing machine

Should Be In The Right Environment. 

Enterprises owners who employ the use of 3D printers are not even aware of this but the longevity of their printing machine is highly dependent upon its surrounding environment. In the ideal setting, it should be installed in an office environment.

 It works to the advantage of the printer in such a way that there are minimal amounts of dirt, dust, and debris that are likely to get into the machine printing filament. Installing your 3D printer, say, in a manufacturing environment will increase its exposure to stubborn dust and dirt. 

Next, to dust and dirt, the next thing that you need to consider for your 3D printer is the ambient temperature. The ideal room temperature for this type of sensitive printer equipment is between 21ºC and 24ºC. The temperature within this range for your 3D printer is most likely to result in best prints ever. A bonus for that is it further enhances the longevity of your 3D printer.  


Even if you install your 3D printer in a spic and span, secluded spot, you must ensure the printer itself is also neat. Whenever the nozzle is clogged, you need to clean it to get the best results the next time that you use it. A special stainless steel nozzle can be used for this purpose. 

Cleaning the printer bed is a must, too, but always ensure to use a proper cleaner. As for the filament waste bin, it should be emptied every time and don’t skimp on the filament you’ve seen falling its way to the bottom part of your printer casing. 

Maintenance Schedule

Next, in line to what you can handle on your own, it is also of prime importance that you check out the technical aspects of your printer. 3D printing machines usually have their very own built-in schedule for maintenance, which works primarily based on the number of rendered printing hours.

The moment that your printer reached its 2500 printing hour mark, the maintenance key screen should be displayed. This interface is the point in time that you will need to have your 3D printer serviced by professionals.

Servicing is highly recommended when your printing machine finally reached its 5000 and 10000 hours mark. By then, some parts would be requiring replacement already due to the normal wear and tear.