CNC Cutting Machine Training for More Success

Today, the demand for skilled workers who are familiar and are able to operate complex and modern machines are greatly increasing. A CNC cutting machine is one of the most useful equipment used in many different industries around the world. CNC training equips the workers, both new and existing, to execute well the latest technology in manufacturing.

Proper training of workers is a key to success in business and operations. Having highly skilled and qualified workers is a competitive advantage. Employers are willing to invest on training for their workers. Anybody who has the knowledge and the skills in operating CNC machines is very attractive to employers. Employers are willing to hire and pay for such persons.

What is CNC?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is a computerized process. It is simply inputting data to operate a machine. Imagine a perfect world where every machine works and produce exactly how and what you wanted it to. This is the case with CNC machines, whereby the machine will do exactly how you programmed it. This is why employers need skilled programmers.

CNC Training Courses

One can gain knowledge about this process through CNC machine training programs. You can choose from a range of courses, which varies according to the level of student needs. The course or program includes information about the different CNC machines, as well as the other tools and equipment used in the operation. Manufacturing companies also offer training programs for their CNC machineries when you purchase from them.

CNC machine training consists of courses that can teach you from the basics up to more intricate work. You will have several choices in most courses. A typical CNC training course would include the definition and history of CNC, mechanics, turning center and machining center basics, Swiss type lathe basics, coordinates, machine parts and the codes used, manual operations, milling and lathe operations, and offsets.

Workers and operators will be required to have continuing for them to stay updated in operating the machine and working in the industry. A good machine is not enough to produce your desired outcome. It takes the right people who are knowledgeable, skillful and able to do the job to make CNC machine operations successful.

Some companies offer on-site training while others send their workers to specific training centers. You may also want to take a self-pace CNC machine training course online. If your employer is not willing to invest in training for you, then you can always learn independently.

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CNC machine training is the answer for anyone who wants to be competitive in this fast-pacing and dynamic world of machines and technology. CNC operators and programmers must be well-versed with this technology and keep up with the ever-changing machineries.

Waterjet Machine: Keep it Running with Proper Maintenance

The high-pressure coming from a waterjet machine allows the cutting of a very wide range of materials using cold water or mixing water with abrasive for hard materials. The power and accuracy of the machine allows high-precision cutting even for shapes that can be complicated to cut.

To make sure that all these are achieved, proper maintenance should be done in the machine so it can get the job done while meeting the expected results.


Running the Equipment

The more the equipment runs, the more chances for things to break. Running it at a high pressure will need more maintenance.


Taking Care while Doing the Maintenance

If you rebuild your waterjet machine in a clean room, it can last longer than rebuilding it in a dirty environment. There are many high-precision components in the machine that have microscopic bits of grit that could get damaged easily. Just a bit of dust getting into the jewel in the nozzle could cause the machine to shoot to the side and cause the wear of the mixing tube. Make sure to take the parts to a clean area with a sink so you can wash them before reassembly.

As soon as you get your machine, expect to be overwhelmed during the first days of training. As soon as you have completed the training, you will be confident knowing that you can operate it and getting an idea of how to properly maintain it. But it will be after a few weeks before you can do your first maintenance.


Frequency of Maintenance

Water jet cutters definitely needs maintenance. For example, you should change the nozzle parts on a regular basis. For the pump parts, they are changed less frequently. Make sure that you keep the critical aspects at hand so you will not stop machining while waiting for the spare parts to arrive.

Generally, the maintenance will depend on how much pressure you run, as well as the frequency of the on and off cycles of the machine. At the same time, if there hard or dirty water, you may have to perform maintenance more often. It may also require you to invest in a filtration system or to purchase a water softener.


Ease of Maintenance

In most cases, anybody who is capable of changing the brake pads of a car can keep an abrasive jet machine going, given a good manual and training, as well as some occasional call to a tech support guy. Mixing tubes could get wear but they can be easy to replace. But pumps would require occasional seal changes. Depending on the design of your pump, the seal could anywhere from quick and easy to time-consuming and difficult to replace.

Any machine, without proper maintenance is bound to fail eventually. So, if you want to make the most out of your machine’s performance, make sure that you know how to maintain it properly.


CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale: What Qualities to Keep in Mind

With plasma as a very powerful cutting agent, plasma cutting has been a whole and different technique. Efficient and rapid results have been more possible. Due to its many properties, different plasma cutting equipment has been created for specific purposes. The challenge here, however, is on how you can keep your equipment always running at its best.

There are some practices that can help increase the efficiency of your machine, improve its cut quality and extend its life. A CNC plasma cutter for sale like plasma cam is very to use and it can be very tempting to immediately open it and get to work. But it is very important to keep in mind that before you buy one, the most important qualities of the machine should be considered first. This will ensure that you are not wasting your money on a machine that will not deliver the expected results. Below are some of these qualities.


Cutting Thickness

It is very important to consider how thick the material that you plan to cut is. It would be best to choose a CNC plasma cutter for sale that is capable of cutting thick materials. Though it may seem like buying more than what you need, it will provide the right capability to cut thicker materials when needed. At the same time, you will get high quality and precision cuts.


Cutting Quality

The cut quality that the cutter offers should exceed your needs. The quality of the finished cut greatly affects the quality of the part and the time needed for secondary operations and cleanup. There are high quality plasma systems that have tight focused arc, making it possible to achieve a smooth, clean, and straight cut.


Torch Height Controller

For your plasma cutter to offer long term value, the set up and use should be easy. Choose the one that is easy to learn and operate. It would be a lot if it comes with time-saving features like a height control system. A cutter that is simple to use and incorporate cost-saving features will help increase your productivity.



Another important thing to consider when buying a plasma cutter is that it should make consumables last longer. Only purchase the right and recommended consumables for the machine. Cheaper brands often do not last long and do not offer high quality cuts.


Get a Quality Machine

Investing in a good quality machine will ensure that you can use it for a long time while it delivers quality results. If you plan to buy one, be sure to choose based on the intended purpose, capabilities, and features. Also, be willing to pay more if you are after of a good quality cutter. In most cases, the more expensive ones deliver the best results.